My Letter to the Times Supporting Migrants (unpublished)


Theresa May says, “If you’re just managing. I want to address you directly.” I look forward to her slashing Home Office immigration fees which by their own admission are nearly 250% of cost price. I also look forward to her ending working migrant families being forced to pay twice for the NHS, (through both tax and surcharge).

She says, “You have a job, but you don’t always have job security.” I look forward to her ending the harassment of migrants who lose their jobs with immediate effect – and potentially their housing too – if their application to renew Leave to Remain is delayed by a single day.  Currently, the Home Office keeps thousands of powerless families vulnerable to destitution within 24 hours.

She says, “We will do everything we can to give you more control over your lives” and “fighting against the burning injustice”.  I look forward to her reversing the Home Office aim to raise court fees for immigration appeals by 600%, which if implemented will effectively deny justice to thousands of people who have every right, but no means to seek it?

All these innovations came in while Theresa May was Home Secretary.  Will she and Amber Rudd now reverse them?


Richard Dormandy (Rev).